New toys

One of my Christmas gifts from Jared was an OttLite lamp, which are advertised a lot in crochet magazines, and most likely other craft publications.  These lamps/bulbs are supposed to provide a more natural daylight-type of light, making reading and close work easier on the eyes.  I also just picked up some yarn on sale to finally make Harry a blanket, so I wanted to see if there was a difference in photographing it under the lamp over our kitchen table, or using the Ottlite.  I'm curious to see how this lamp could be used for photography, especially for macros in my light box.  In any event, here is the yarn, first under our regular light....

and under the Ottlite...

There is definitely a difference in the way colors show up!  It'll be nice to have that sort of light to work with when I do get back to crocheting.  I don't have a specific pattern chosen for the blanket, and I'll most likely make something I hope I bought enough yarn! 

The other crocheting I have on the go are some small stuffed animals I originally started with the intention to give to my niece for Christmas, but as always I ran out of time...well, actually I finished the crocheting, I just didn't finish the detail work, like sewing the pieces together and sewing on the facial features.  So I'm hoping to finish those this week so she can have them as a gift for Ukrainian Christmas, which is just a few days away!  Eeeek!  Wish me luck!


Oh yarn, how I miss thee!

I am embarassed to say that despite all of my intentions of crocheting things for baby while I was pregnant, I didn't get around to much of that...and never even made him a baby blanket!  YIKES!  I don't think he minds, but I'd still like to do it.  Since he arrived I haven't had time to pick up any projects for more than a very few minutes here and there, but I'm getting the itch to do mind is swirling with images of toys, small projects that could actually get finished!  Christmas will be here in no time, so maybe if I get those few minutes in here and there, I can get a few things completed.  Wish me luck!


And the clock keeps ticking..

and the crocheting keeps sitting!  I haven't touched anything in ages.  The yoshi stuffies I was going to make my nieces for Easter never got finished after I got frustrated with the feet and put them down to take a break from it.  I think the only thing I attempted since then were some thread flowers that I was going to glue magnets on so they could be used as fridge magnets, to give to my mom for mother's day, but after making 3 of them I changed my mind and they still sit half completed.  I thought I could finish the yoshis as end of the school year presents instead, but it dawned on me that means I have to have them finished in the next week or so.  Hmm.  Well, we'll see.  Lots of other stuff that needs to be done around here.  So that's where things stand for now, nothing exciting and no new projects to show off.  Oh well, someday soon I shall carry on...I hope!


Finally done!

These took me WAY too long to finish due to sheer lack of motivation, because the pattern is soooo simple.  It's from Lion Brand Yarn.  I made both with the same colors but changed their order so the blankets are not exactly the same.

and a last minute idea...

And they are all finally in the mail! 

I had planned on finally making something that I wouldn't be giving away, but with Easter coming, I wanted to find something to make my nieces as part of their Easter goodies.  After discovering their uncle's old Nintendo 64 and some Mario Brothers games a few months ago, they are crazy about Yoshi!  As luck would have it, I found a pattern on Etsy.  So, up next, 2 Yoshi stuffies! I thought the pattern was a bit pricy, but it would save me a lot of time and probably frustration if I tried to make a pattern myself, so it's all good!  I bought the yarn, now I just have to get started.  But not tonight, it's late and I'm tired, so off to bed I go!


Don't you hate it when...'re using up some of your yarn stash to make something instead of buying more yarn, but you run out when you're almost finished, and have to go buy another ball anyway?  Ugh!

I guess the good thing was that it was yarn I bought a few months ago and was still able to find without any problem.  Phew!  This is part of the project I was talking about in my last post, and yes, it took me forever to finish it.  I just have to take a few pics and then pack things up to get in the mail.  Hooray!