Phew! I need a break. is what/who those assorted pieces in the last post turned out to be...surveying the pieces of another project...he seems to approve!!

Fast forward a bit...and tah dah! Hello penguin!

What I spent most of my crafting time on today was blocking some ornaments...sorry the pics aren't that great, the lighting sucked and I was too lazy to move to a different room in search of something better! Perhaps when I unpin them I'll take some better pictures so you can also see them right side up.

There are also a few other projects not yet pictured and/or again, more to come!  But for now, I actually need a crochet break!


One work in progress...

So many little pieces to sew together!

Many more pieces in the of the completed works to come!


My latest projects.

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post.  Good way to keep an audience. :(

In any event, for part of that month my hubby and I spent some time away as he took a much needed break from work.  I intended to take along some small projects to work on, but the weekend before we left was so hectic that I just didn't have the time to choose a project and gather the supplies I'd need, so I left empty handed.  We kept ourselves busy during the day, but by the time evening rolled around and we were back at the hotel for the night, I was regretting not having a hook or yarn with me.  So off to a local store we went, where I picked up a hook and a few balls of cotton yarn.  If I'd have found any patterns I could use, I'd have picked them up too, but they were few and far between.  Not a problem, I've crocheted long enough to not need a pattern all the time.  I decided to make some good old dishcloths, perfect little stocking stuffers with Christmas coming up!  I wanted to make some that were a bit smaller than my last batch, so I just adjusted as I made each cloth until I found the numbers that worked.  The pattern wasn't anything special, basically just rows of alternating single crochets and chain 1 spaces.  I didn't work on them every night, but in the end I came home with 15 completed, 1 partly completed, and 2 1/2 balls of yarn to make more cloths with.  Here are the completed ones!

Jared picked out a lot of the colors for me.  One ball was self striping, the first time I've worked with that type of yarn.  I think they all worked out quite nicely! 

Now to decide on the next project(s)...


Why so grumpy, Grumpy?

Poor Grumpy.  All he wanted to do was sit outside and get some fresh air.  But then the paparazzi showed up.  So much for that.


Ok, Care Bear almost complete!

I'm almost done that Grumpy bear...but I think I'm going to cheat a little bit, instead of crocheting the tummy symbols, I'm going to cut them out of felt and glue them on.  We'll see what I think about it tomorrow, but that's probably the way I'll go.  I don't really have the right colors for thread in the first place, and it would be SO much faster to cut and glue!

No pictures of it yet, but I'm sure there will be one up shortly!  Then perhaps I will finally make up a new pattern to share!!

Thanks for visiting!! :)