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Since I still haven't made any new patterns...

Here is a free potholder pattern from Free-Crochet.com.  This pattern appeared in a crochet magazine I bought years and years ago, and I made a number in green and red (the full slice versions) for my mom.  She still uses them!  The pattern is called Delicious Dining and was designed by Dorothy Moder Frantz.  Click here to download the file.


Free crochet pattern: nubby dishcloth

I know there are a lot of dishcloth patterns out there, but I'm trying to keep things simple since I'm new at writing patterns out.  This cloth should be a great scrubber given it's nubby texture.  Click here to download the pdf pattern or scroll down...


My first free crochet pattern for public consumption!

I have written very few patterns, and have never shared them because I always found some little quirk I needed to change on the fly or because I knew the pattern made sense to me but probably wouldn't make sense to anyone else! I've been itching to get something up here, so thought I'd try something simple.. so here it is, my pattern for an easy multipurpose scrubber (<-- click there for a pdf)! It's double sided, made with cotton and nylon yarns and is great to use anywhere that needs some scrubbing...the kitchen, the bathroom, even in the garage!